Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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Here's a little Christmas present to all the folks who have stopped in to look at my web page. Thanks to all my friends from all over the world.

This is a very simple arrangement that is easy to play and sounds pretty good. I think the timing will take care of itself if you just play the notes accurately. I didn't indicate the names of the chords. See if you can figure out the chord names yourself. This arrangement uses chord forms found in the original "Jazz Chords" lesson, so it should be easy to determine the basic chord progression for the tune. Just to get you started, it's in the key of G.

Have fun, and let me know how you like it. I'll give you a hand if you have trouble working it out, or if you can't quite figure out what the basic chords are for this song.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Sustain all notes wherever possible, especially groups of notes that form a chord shape (like the first three notes in the first measure ... part of a G triad ... or the last three notes in the second measure ... a D7 chord). ||:---------------|---------------------|--------------| ||:-------------8-|-3-------------------|------------8-| ||:-------4--7----|-5-5-4-2----2------5-|------4--7----| ||:-----5----5----|-5--------5------4---|----5----5----| ||:----------7----|---------------5-----|---------7----| ||:-3-----------7-|-5-------------------|-3----------7-| First ending...................| |------|----------7-||-5-------------|------|------:|| |-3--3-|----3--8----||-5-8-7-5--3----|----3-|-3--3-:|| |-5--5-|-4-----7----||-5--------5--5-|-4--4-|-5--5-:|| |-5--4-|-4-----7----||-5--------5----|-4--3-|-5--4-:|| |------|-------7----||-0-------------|------|------:|| |-5--4-|-3----------||----------5----|-3--4-|-5--4-:|| Back to the beginning ... replace the first ending with this second ending. Second ending... ||----------------|------|--------||-7--7--7--5---| ||-10-8-7-------7-|-8--8-|-8---8--||-8-----8----8-| ||-9------9--8----|-7--6-|-10--10-||-5-----5------| ||-10--------7----|-7--7-|-10--9--||--------------| ||-9--------------|-7--6-|--------||-7-----6------| ||-----------7----|------|-10--9--||--------------| |-----5---------|-------------|---|--------------| |-7-8-------8-7-|-5-7-8--8--7-|-7-|-8--8--8--7---| |-7------6------|-5------5----|-7-|-9-----9----9-| |-7------5------|-5------7----|-5-|-9-----8------| |---------------|--------5----|---|-------9------| |-7------6------|-5-----------|-7-|-9------------| |----------------|------5--5----|------:|| |---5--7--7----5-|-7-8-----8----|-3--3-:|| |-7-------7--7---|-6-------7----|-5--5-:|| |-7-------6------|-7----------7-|-5--4-:|| |---------7------|-5-------7----|------:|| |-7------(0)-----|--------------|-5--4-:|| Back to the beginning ... replace the first ending with this third ending. Third ending ... ||-8-7----------5-|-7----|------||-7----------| ||-10--10-8--7----|-8--6-|-5--4-||-8-----5--8-| ||-9---------5----|-7--6-|-5--4-||-5--5-------| ||-----------7----|----5-|-3--3-||------------| ||-9---------6----|-7--6-|-5--4-||-7----------| ||----------------|------|------||------------| Ritard. |-7-5-----------|----------------|---6-------3----|| |-5---8-7--5--7-|-8-8--8--8-8--8-|-8----4-6--0----|| |-5--------5----|-7----6--8----8-|-7----5----2----|| |-5--------4----|-8----7--6----6-|-8----6----0----|| |-0--------5----|-6----6---------|----------------|| |---------------|---------8----7-|-6----6----3----||
Send me email if you have any problems, questions, corrections,
or suggestions. ;-) I'll be happy to help you if I can.

Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great holiday season!

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