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Brasil Brasil Brasil

Visit the beautiful country where my cousin Sandro Brotherhood lives with his wife Cris and their daughters Stephane and Danielle.

LISTEN to Senado-FM, from Brasilia!
This is the official radio station of the Brazilian government in Brasilia, so you'll hear live debate from the Senate floor (in Portuguese, of course) during the hours when the Senate is in session. The rest of the time, though, you'll hear absolutely classic Brazilian music, free of commercials. Highly recommended. The best times to tune in are morning and later in the evening.
You must have the FREE RealAudio player installed on your system.

Brazzil Magazine - a FREE monthly online magazine, to which you can also subscribe in print. Latest news and great articles from Brazil every month. They also archive their back issues!

Maria Brazil - History, culture, pictures, recipes, music ... just about anything you'd want to know about the great country of Brasil.

Surfing on BRASIL ONLINE waves.

Live WebCams from Viva Brazil

MEU BRASIL - It takes a minute to load, but this is WORTH IT. Take the Virtual Tour ... you'll be happy!

Portuguese Surfing

Links to Brazilian sites

Daisuke's Brazil Page


HotBot -The all-time greatest search engine (IMHO)

AltaVista Technology, Inc. -This one is real good, too.

InfoSeek - InfoSeek has come a long way. I'm using it a lot more often with good results.

CADVision GoSearch - A HUGE META-site of search resources.

Edison - Another collection of search resources. You can use it online or get the software free to install on your computer. Contains a list of music related search resources.

WhoWhere? E-mail Addresses - Find email addresses of people who have registered

Yahoo! People Search -Find address and phone number of just about anyone

Maps On Us Map - See a map of any address in the USA


The Nando Times - This is a terrific daily online newspaper, updated every couple of hours.


NEW! Here are ten great new jazz links.

The Real Mingus Web - OFFICIAL Charles Mingus website, maintained by Sue Mingus.

The Thelonious Monk Website - This is a wonderful Monk resource.

Paul Bollenback - Paul is best known for soulful and fiery guitar playing in Joey DeFrancesco's great band. He also has two CD's out under his own leadership, and this site features some RealAudio clips from these releases. Both Paul and Royce Campbell are really worth checking out.

Royce Campbell - Royce is a great Wes-influenced guitar player. His website has many RealAudio clips I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The Red Hot and Cool Jazz Page - VERY cool!

Jazz Corner - This is a fantastic new site that puts over 60 well-known jazz musicians online. Keep in touch with what your favorite artists are up to.

Brian Lynch - Visit Milwaukee trumpeter and Wisconsin Conservatory alumnus Brian Lynch, now living in NYC. Keep up to date on his touring schedule and studio projects.

David Hazeltine - Another Milwaukeean in NYC and former director of jazz studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory, this great pianist is considered one of the up-and-comers.

Rick Barda's Jazz Education Page

Vintage Guitar Information - Here's a VERY comprehensive site with info about collectibility, pricing, models, serial numbers, history, etc. Over 1MB of text and 10MB of great photos. One of the most informative sites I've seen.

The Creative Guitar Studio - Quality guitar lessons and seminars in Winnipeg, Canada. Very impressive faculty.

Check out our new RealAudio page. - Link to the greatest in jazz, blues, R&B, and gospel right on your computer.

Madison and Milwaukee musicians - Web pages and Email addresses

Take Phive Jazz

NPR's Jazz Profiles

LAWGIRL.COM - Music law forum, info about copyright law and trademarks, interviews with music pros, and more. Download copyright forms directly to your computer! An all-around GREAT legal resource.

The Fray - One of the best websites I've seen. It's not a music site, but ...  Don't miss this one.

Welcome to RETRO - ANOTHER site not to miss. Oh, man ... you can have a lot of fun here. Read the very touching tribute to seminal bluesman Brownie McGhee. Voted most original website of 1997.

@musLinks - More music resources on the web.

Visit New York player/teacher Rick Stone.

Guitar Classifieds - Find that elusive instrument or piece of equipment. Great search capabilities.

Welcome to Jazz Central Station

The Groove Site

Wes Montgomery - a very nice Wes tribute page

The Hard Bop Cafe - This is a great resource for info on Canadian jazz artists and performances, as well as jazz worldwide.

Jazz Artists - Search For A Jazz Artist

Jimmy Bruno: Guitar Virtuoso - Welcome

Big City Strings - GREAT online source for guitar and bass strings. Pretty much anything you want, and the PRICES are as good as, or better than, you'll get in most stores.

Harmony Central Guitar Resources

Harmony Central Main Page

Musi-Cal - Look up gigs, venues, concerts, etc. nationwide, or get your own gig schedule posted on the net FREE!

Richard Tabnik - New York based alto player, Lenny Tristano disciple. Essays, stuff about Lenny and Connie Crothers (great piano player), gig information.

Welcome to CRAZEOLOGY on WORT 89.9 FM, Madison, WI - The all night Friday night jazz show, hosted by Uncle Larry Hancock. NEW! Don't miss Larry's new LINKS SITE. This is a great resource, and growing weekly.

The Sebastian Moon Home Page

You MUST check out Satan and Adam if you're into the real thing.

Kelly DeHaven's MisbeHaven Band/Dave Cooper Trumpet Page

Bassist Hans Sturm's web site.

American Archtop

Grimes Guitars - One of the great contemporary archtop builders

Welcome to the Chinery Collection - Perhaps the most complete collection of hand built archtop guitars

Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz

Jazz Set with Branford Marsalis

Jazz At The Kennedy Center - with Billy Taylor

Marc Sabatella - The Outside Shore - Pianist and author of the "Jazz Primer"

Bill Dixon Inc - Influential and original trumpeter and composer

Blue Note Live

Pat Martino Homepage - Jazz Guitarist

Jazzman's Page of fine Jazz

RSI and Musicians . . . - Info on Repetitive Stress Injury and tendinitis as they affect musicians

Welcome to HARMOLODIC - Ornette Coleman home page

WNUR-FM Jazz on the Web: - The jazz home page at WNUR radio, Northwestern University

Articulate Jazz

The Jazz Photography of Ray Avery:


The Jazz Fan Attic:

Yahoo! - Entertainment:Music:Genres:Jazz

Jazz Guitar ONLINE

All Jazz Guitar


Just Jazz Guitar

Jazz Guitar Links


"This is insane ... I hope I didn't brain my damage!" -- Homer Simpson, after eating three of the "merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango, grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum" ... the Guatemalan insanity pepper ... at the Springfield annual chili cookoff.

The MOTHER of all cookouts! - DON'T try this at home!!! <grin>

CitiSoft Guide - An incredible searchable database of restaurants, bars, entertainment, and more in major cities: Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Minneapolis, St Paul,and Las Vegas. Search by keyword for specifics.

List of The Ring of Fire sites

FireGirl's Chile Pepper Wonderland

VegSource - Recipes, Articles, a really great Veggie resource. The active recipes page is down temporarily, but there's a lot of great food in the recipe archives.

Jalapeño Café - "Best chile recipes on the web."

Willy St. Grocery Coop - Madison's best known grocery coop.


World Guide To Vegetarianism - Madison Restaurants

The Vegetarian Pages - HUGE vegetarian META-site.

ZIA Vegetable Cuisine Resources

Vegetarian Recipes Sorted Alphabetically

Recipes from BC Hothouse - They have a great vegetarian section

Vegetarian Kitchen

FATFREE: The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive

Veggie Heaven - Welcome!

FlavorWeb: Vegetarian Index


Food and Cooking Sites

Recipes - Healthy.Net



The eGG (electronic Gourmet Guide) - This is one of the best food 'zines.

The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page


Wisconsin Weather Jumpstation

CurrentWeather Observations, Forecasts, and Other Weather Sites

WeatherNet: Weather Cams

Weather stickers courtesy of The Weather Underground.