Area clubs and restaurants
that feature jazz on a regular basis.


All Madison phone numbers are Area Code 608.

The City Bar
636 State St. (downstairs)
Phone: 250-2489
Jazz and blues every Friday, 7:00 to 10:00 pm

Mother Fool's Coffee House
1101 Williamson St.
Phone: 259-1301
Features Madison's most creative artists, including jazz.
(Here's a music schedule.)

The Concourse Hotel
1 W. Dayton St.
Phone: 257-6000
Music on Friday and Saturday evenings, mostly jazz.

Victor Allen's Coffee & Tea
2623 Monroe St
Phone: (608)231-0622
A variety of styles here, including jazz.

Dotty Dumpling's Dowry
116 N. Fairchild St.
Phone: 255-3175
Big band jazz on Thursday evenings.

Holiday Inn - East
4402 E. Washington Ave.
Phone: 244-4703
Dixieland jazz Friday and Saturday evenings.

Caf Montmartre
127 E. Mifflin St.
Phone: 255-5900
Occasional jazz ... call for details.

Borders Book Store
3416 University Ave.
Music in various styles, including occasional jazz.

Barnes & Noble
7433 Mineral Point Rd.
Phone: 827-0809
Occasional jazz.

Fyfe's Corner Bistro
1344 E. Washington Ave.
Phone: 251-8700
Occasional jazz ... call for details.

Eureka Joe's Coffee House
1859 Monroe St.
Phone: 258-9881
Eclectic music lineup, featuring jazz occasionally.

Madison Civic Center
211 State St.
Phone: 266-9055


Here's a link to The Sundowner, Milwaukee's most up to date source of jazz information.

The Estate
2423a N. Murray St., Milwaukee
Phone: (414) 964-9923
Milwaukee's oldest and best known jazz club, now under new ownership.

The Main Event
3418 N. Martin Luther King Dr., Milwaukee
Phone: (414) 263-9481
Jazz jams on Sunday nights, as well as other events.

Jitterzz Coffee House
7606 W. State St., in Wauwatosa ... across from the Chancery
Phone: 414-774-5952
Occasional jazz on Friday and Saturday nights, 8 to 11pm

4704 W. North Avenue, Milwaukee
Phone: (414) 444-2001
A new hot spot with soul satisfying live jazz and dancing. Open Wednesday through Sunday 5 p.m. to close. Dress code and 25 year age minimum.

Red Mill East Jazz Club
4034 W. Good Hope Rd., Milwaukee
Phone: (414) 228-6800


Here's a GREAT link to The Chicago Guide ... a very complete and up to date source of Chicago music information. All you'd ever want to know about what's happening in Chicago.


Take a look at The Twin Cities Jazz Society page. Information about Minnesota jazz musicians and performances, as well as MANY RealAudio clips of great local players.


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