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Photo of Rog Jazz guitarist Roger Brotherhood teaches at The Guitar Studio and performs in the Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis area. He's available for bookings, either as a soloist or as leader of his duo, trio, or quartet, and for jazz improvisation clinics and workshops. Here's a short summary of his background.

The Guitar Studio is currently located in Madison, WI, with a brand new branch in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee). Give us a call for lessons.


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You might be interested in a CD recording of a live trio performance.

Check out what music has been on the box lately.


"I cannot imagine a world without jazz," says poet Anselm Hollo, "be it hot or cool; it is one of the relatively few good reasons one has for enduring this century."

The shores of Lake Michigan are home to some of the finest jazz in the country. We'll try to keep you current on the activities of some of the great players (guitar and otherwise) in the Madison and Milwaukee area.

In addition, we'll direct you to other jazz and guitar links on the Web, and let you know how you can reach the folks who teach. We'll also try to keep up to date on the various clubs and restaurants in the area that feature jazz and jazz guitar.

Here's where you can hear some of the players in the Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago area.
Milwaukee JazzWeb
Links to Milwaukee area jazz players' websites and email.
Here's a list of clubs and restaurants in both Madison and Milwaukee that feature jazz on a regular basis.
Many of the local players also teach. Here's how you can contact them. You'll also find some free lessons, courtesy of The Guitar Studio.
Here are some of our favorite musical (and non-musical) websites.
Web Design
Rog also designs web pages ... this site is a good example. Here are some more details.