The Guitar Studio

1605 Monroe St., Madison, WI

and now also in Wauwatosa, WI

Phone: (608)257-6699 or (414)607-0853


The Guitar Studio offers guitar instruction in all popular guitar styles, including blues, rock, jazz, folk and beginning classical. Students of all levels are welcome.

Instructor Roger Brotherhood has been a professional teacher and player for 35 years, and has played in settings ranging from blues and rock to Broadway shows, funk, gospel and jazz. He has played jazz exclusively since 1979. Click here to take a look at his resumé.

The Guitar Studio has offered lessons in Madison since 1981. Many students have been active in high school jazz bands and in their own musical groups, and quite a few continue to be active musicians in college and in the Madison community. Our specialty is giving young players the tools to achieve personal expression through music.

Lessons are tailored to the individual student. Once the basics of guitar playing are presented, the course of study is directed toward each student's area of musical interest. Much of the lesson material is based on music the student is interested in. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated, to work on their own, and most importantly, they're encouraged to determine the direction the lessons will take.

Lessons are reasonably priced at The Guitar Studio. Currently our rates are:

  • $25 for each one hour lesson
  • $15 for each 1/2 hour lesson

We're conveniently located in Madison near the UW campus at 1605 Monroe St. There's plenty of parking, and the bus lines are nearby. The new Wauwatosa (Milwaukee) branch of The Guitar Studio is located near the intersection of Wisconsin Ave. and 84th St., very close to the 84th St. exit of I-94. Please call at the numbers above for more information.

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