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RealAudio brings jazz LIVE to the net.

NEW! Check out a RealAudio sample from my trio's live CD recording.

Get RealPlayer 5.0 here. Get the FREE RealPlayer 8.0 (latest version) or RealPlayer Plus 8.0 (costs $). Look for the link to "RealPlayer 8 Basic."

Keep in mind that the links below may not be active all the time, or they may behave erratically if the net is congested. Please try again later if you have a problem.

Hit the icon to listen to WBGO jazz radio from Newark, NJ. Listen to WBGO.

Go to the WBGO, Newark, NJ Home Page.

Listen to WWOZ for the greatest in jazz, blues, and the FUNKIEST R&B. Musicians stop in frequently to plug local gigs and play their music. Don't forget to check out "Tudo Bem!," the best Brazilian music show on the air, broadcast 2:00pm Central Time Saturday afternoons. Tune in by clicking on the icon.   Listen on Broadcast.Com

Go to the WWOZ, New Orleans Home Page.

NEW! Thanks to Uncle Larry Hancock for the link to KCSM in San Mateo, CA. You can listen to the station via RealAudio, but you have to register first. You can REGISTER HERE, or you can visit the KCSM Home Page.

You might like to try the NetRadio Jazz Café straight ahead jazz channel.

The Blue Note broadcasts live every Monday and Thursday at 9pm ET (8pm CT). The shows are often left up between the broadcasts, so you can access them any time. There may be a little dead air at the beginning of the file, but you can "drag forward" to the music if it's not a live stream.

You can link to the Blue Note broadcast directly from here.   Listen on Broadcast.Com

Did you MISS one of the online events at the Blue Note? Many of the past online jazz performances are archived on this page. Unfortunately the folks at are now time-limiting many of the archived Blue Note performances, so my past favorites have disappeared. Check the archives often to see what's up there, as well as what's going to be deleted.

Here's a link to many European and Worldwide Radio Stations broadcasting live via RealAudio. This is a great site.

The LATEST in multimedia on the net!

"We're on the verge of a new revolution," says multimedia guru Nicholas Nasalponte. "Multimedia originally meant audio and video, but there's no reason it can't cover five senses... or more!" (Once more, this link opens up a new browser window, so you can get back here simply by shutting the new window down.)

You might be interested in more information on RATML.

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