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This is an article I've posted in the rec.music.makers.guitar.jazz newsgroup several times. I'm including it here so folks can access it more easily. Sorry for the ASCII tab format, but it's the best I can do right now. I hope this is of use to some folks.

Here's a basic "jazz" chord vocabulary. In each case, the root of the chord is the lowest note. This makes it a little easier for a rock player to relate these to the major and minor bar chord forms you're likely to know so well.

    Amaj7   Dmaj7     A7    D7     A-7    D-7   A-7b5   D-7b5

     A-11    D-11    Adim    Ddim    A13     D9   A11   D11

     A7sus4  D7sus4     A7b5      D7b5

     A7#5   D7#9   D7b9    A6    D6  A69    D69  Dmaj9    A-6    D-6

     A-9   D-9   A-69   D-69   A-(maj7)  D-(maj7)   D-9(maj7)
The chords in each column below all have the same function ... the chords in each column can all replace each other:

 MAJOR       MINOR           DOMINANT 7th

   maj7    -7    -(maj7)     13       7#5
   6       -9    -6          9        7#9
   69      -11   -69         11       7b9
   maj9          -9(maj7)    7sus4    7b5

Here's how they might fit into the key of C major:

 I       II    III    IV     V    VI     VII

Cmaj7    D-7   E-7   Fmaj7   G7   A-7   B-7b5
C6       D-9   E-11  F6      G9   A-9   (B-11)
C69      D-11        F69     G11  A-11
Cmaj9                Fmaj9   G13

And the secondary dominants:

V7 of Cmaj7  V7 of D-7  V7 of E-7  V7 of Fmaj7  V7 of G7  V7 of A-7

   G9           A7#5       B7#5       C9           D13       E7#5
   G13          A7#9       B7#9       C13          D9        E7#9
   G11          A7b9       B7b9       C11          D7b5      E7b9
   G7#9         A7b5       B7b5       C7#9         D13b9     E7b5
   G7b9                               C7b9         (D11)
   G7#5                               C7#5
   G7sus4                             C7sus4
   G7b5                               C7b5
I'll talk about tritone substitutions on another page soon ... that will help fill in some of the holes in this page.

Anyhow, this should get you started. Here's an easy version of "Rhythm Changes" as an example:

  ||: Bbmaj7   G7#9  |  C-7     F9   |  D-7    Dbdim  |  C-7    F9  |
   |  F-9      Bb7#5 |  Ebmaj7  Ab13 |  C-7    F9     |  Bbmaj7 F9 :||

  ||  D13            |  A-9     D7#5 |  G9            |  D-7    G9   |
   |  C13            |  C13     C7#5 |  C-7    G7#9   |  C-7   F7b9 ||
  ||  Bbmaj7   G7#9  |  C-7     F9   |  D-7    Dbdim  |  C-7    F9  |
   |  F-9      Bb7#5 |  Ebmaj7  Ab13 |  C-7    F9     |  Bbmaj7 F9  ||
You can use the chords above to play this pretty easily.

Have fun ...

Rog Brotherhood
Madison, WI

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